[Kumamoto earthquake] ‘by my side’ by yojiro x taka

A lot of things happened in the half year I was away… lost a colleague with no replacement, added workload, and a cancer scare in my family. I didn’t have it in me to blog here given the state I was (and still am) in. But I’ve started writing again, slowly, every day, with pen to paper. I was on my way to Kyushu – … Continue reading [Kumamoto earthquake] ‘by my side’ by yojiro x taka

[re-release] RADWIMPS 「実況中継」Jikkyou Chuukei

At first I thought RADWIMPS had produced something fresh, but alas, this is from their 2013 album “Xと◯と罪と” (Wrongs and Rights and Crimes and). Hold that disappointment though. This crazy creative MV is quite a piece of work, with psychedelic colors and concepts that could make your brain implode from the visual feast. The MV also now has English subtitles to go along, so you … Continue reading [re-release] RADWIMPS 「実況中継」Jikkyou Chuukei

TRIPLANE 「nonno」

I hesitated whether to talk about this album, hence I’ve delayed this for the longest time. It’s not that it’s a bad record. Based on the track videos in the Youtube link above, it has a lot of decent easy listening rock tunes. TRIPLANE formed in Sapporo in 2002, and it’s no coincidence that they’re named after the fixed-wing aircraft with three vertically stacked wings. Since … Continue reading TRIPLANE 「nonno」

androp 「Ghost」MV

androp’s first single of the year is the theme song to Ghost Writer (「ゴーストライター」), a new Japanese drama about the relationship between a novelist who’s hit her plateau, and a younger talented writer who works as a ghostwriter for a living. I’ve not seen the drama for myself. In fact, it’s been a while since I saw an actual drama series (besides “Internet Shopping Princes … Continue reading androp 「Ghost」MV

Amazarashi 「季節は次々死んでいく」MV (The Seasons Keep Dying One After Another)

First of, my sincerest apologies for the radio silence last week. I promise this week you will be receiving a barrage of new posts coming at you fast and furious! So! Amazarashi’s latest MV…. Who says good things don’t come for those who wait? Thankfully this official video has been made available outside of Japan to enjoy to the fullest while we wait expectantly for … Continue reading Amazarashi 「季節は次々死んでいく」MV (The Seasons Keep Dying One After Another)

Kenshi Yonezu – the new Yojiro Noda?

It’s probably unfair to compare this young twenty-something with RADWIMPS’ frontman. After all, even though they looked somewhat similar, they do have some differences: RADWIMPS is more rock-inclined; Kenshi Yonezu (米津玄師 YONEZU Kenshi) falls within the alternative rock-pop band. RADWIMPS started as a full-fledged band. Kenosha Yonezu started as a vocaloid artist under the moniker HACHI.

I didn’t pay a lot of attention to this gentleman who originally hails from Tokushima prefecture in the Shikoku islands when Flowerwall was released earlier this month. Or maybe the preview on iTunes and Recochoku didn’t do the song justice. I didn’t watch the MV.

But instead, I came across one of his older videos from his debut album DIORAMA. The video was a compilation of short preview tracks from DIORAMA (released in 2012), and the first song was called Machi (「街」street). It was that song that caught my full attention.

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amazarashi for “Tokyo Ghoul √A” – afterthoughts

EP cover
EP cover

So the day finally arrived. Season 2 of Tokyo Ghoul (aka Tokyo Ghoul √A) aired on January 8, and I finally got to hear my favorite band as part of a hit anime series.

I don’t follow many artistes, but when I do, I stick with them for years. RADWIMPS and amazarashi are probably the only two that I’ve followed, and it’s no secret how much I love these guys. Their creative energy is infectious.

I don’t have much to say about the anime itself – it feels a little too early to say anything about it. But I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t expect much from the ending theme.

UPDATE (25 Jan): Finding a video has become a real pain in the ass when Youtube keeps taking it down. Wait till February!

I’ll say this right out: this song did not disappoint. The rhythm is catchy, the lyrics are beautiful, and the arrangement is flawless. And yet, immediately after hearing it, I couldn’t help but feel what a sell-out it seemed.

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External link to Band amazarashi Performs 2nd Tokyo Ghoul Season’s Ending Song: Anime News Network

Band amazarashi Performs 2nd Tokyo Ghoul Season’s Ending Song: Anime News Network

Shueisha’s Young Jump magazine announced on Thursday that the band amazarashi will perform the ending song for the second season based on Sui Ishida’sTokyo Ghoul manga. The band will release the single ”Kisetsu wa Tsugitsugi Shindeiku” (「季節は次々死んでいく」Seasons Dying One After Another) on February 18, 2015. Band amazarashi Performs 2nd Tokyo Ghoul Season’s Ending Song: Anime News Network Continue reading Band amazarashi Performs 2nd Tokyo Ghoul Season’s Ending Song: Anime News Network