Music reviews: Boku no Lyric no Bouyomi, Blue Encount, ent, ONE OK ROCK, [Alexandros]

I did not expect such a diverse range of albums to be released in a single month. And it’s only February! I had no criteria for selecting these albums. Except for ONE OK ROCK (which I’ve been looking forward to since ‘Taking Off’) and [Alexandros], I’d never heard of any of these artists until end-December/early January. This humble blog hopes to showcase and review their latest … Continue reading Music reviews: Boku no Lyric no Bouyomi, Blue Encount, ent, ONE OK ROCK, [Alexandros]

Kenshi Yonezu 「フローライト」”Fluorite” MV + new album

(Update Oct 11: The YouTube link has been fixed.) My only explanation for a title like “Fluorite” would be a marathon overdose of The Big Bang Theory.  Of course, I’m pretty sure Kenshi Yonezu wasn’t thinking that at all. With a chirpy, happy singalong tune similar to Flowerwall, I’m in no position to criticize the choice of title. According to his official YouTube chanel, Yonezu’s latest album Bremen is … Continue reading Kenshi Yonezu 「フローライト」”Fluorite” MV + new album

[re-release] RADWIMPS 「実況中継」Jikkyou Chuukei

At first I thought RADWIMPS had produced something fresh, but alas, this is from their 2013 album “Xと◯と罪と” (Wrongs and Rights and Crimes and). Hold that disappointment though. This crazy creative MV is quite a piece of work, with psychedelic colors and concepts that could make your brain implode from the visual feast. The MV also now has English subtitles to go along, so you … Continue reading [re-release] RADWIMPS 「実況中継」Jikkyou Chuukei

ゲスの極み乙女。- Girl at the Height of Rudeness

(From left: ChanMARI on keyboard; Hona Ikoka on drums; Kawatani Enon on lead vocals, guitar and synthesizer; and Kyuujitsu Kachou on bass)

It’s quite easy to tell when a band enjoys performing together. There’s an energy and synergy that doesn’t compete and overwhelm, and makes the listener completely at ease.

As strange as their name sounds, the band Gesu no Kiwami Otome (literally Girl at the Height of Rudeness) exudes that air of confidence and assurance outwards as well as among the band. Formed by the frontman of indigo la End, Kawatani Enon was said to form the band with musicians he genuinely enjoyed performing with.

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Nowisee : a multi-platform social media storytelling project

Who doesn’t like a good story? And who wouldn’t like a story told well?

I’m always amazed at storytellers, whether through books, plays, screens, or even audio. It’s an art that I will always appreciate.
I’ve been into social media storytelling of late. Not the kind that you read of someone else’s life in your News Feed, but using the platform to tell an actual story and painting a picture that is relevant and updated, while retaining what is classic. I remember when the Royal Shakespeare Company embarked juliet-capuleton a Twitter version of Romeo & Juliet in 2010. The actors and actresses created their own (fictional) Twitter account, and “live-tweeted” the play as the characters over several weeks, as if an actual budding tragic romance was developing in real time. Twitter users all over the world would follow these accounts, and while not all tweets get a reply, it was still engaging enough to keep me hooked until the couple “died”.

So when a new cross-content project from Japan was released earlier this month, naturally I got excited. The project is called “Nowisee” (pronounced as “noise”. It’s not literally “Now I see”. Although who knows, this could be where the content developers want to head towards).

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[Coming Soon] EXILE ATSUSHI + AI “Be Brave” Sep 9

When I first embarked on my career as a fresh graduate, EXILE ATSUSHI and AI were one of the few artists I listened to on a regular basis. So it was great when they first got together to sing a duet called “So Special” in 2008. I don’t listen to their music all the time, but when I do, it’s like a soothing balm that … Continue reading [Coming Soon] EXILE ATSUSHI + AI “Be Brave” Sep 9

amazarashi 「スピードと摩擦」Speed & Friction MV

I couldn’t quite grasp the concept of the music video, but that maniac girl used to be me back in junior high (they were stressful times). I might have had more fun if I had a toilet cubicle as cool as this one. Hiromu Akita explained the concept behind the video on the official Youtube channel: A physical installation music video that showcases a contemporary … Continue reading amazarashi 「スピードと摩擦」Speed & Friction MV

androp 「Ghost」MV

androp’s first single of the year is the theme song to Ghost Writer (「ゴーストライター」), a new Japanese drama about the relationship between a novelist who’s hit her plateau, and a younger talented writer who works as a ghostwriter for a living. I’ve not seen the drama for myself. In fact, it’s been a while since I saw an actual drama series (besides “Internet Shopping Princes … Continue reading androp 「Ghost」MV


There’s something about this song juxtaposed against the chaotic battle and turmoil in the various scenes from the new PS4/Vita game GOD EATER 2 RAGE BURST. The final product though is strangely soothing and oddly befitting. Faith is a part of May J.’s new EP “ReBirth” which is due for release on February 25. A GE2RB edition will also be available. Another song Futari no Mahou「ふたりのまほう」Two Person’s Magic) … Continue reading May J. x GOD EATER 2 RAGE BURST