Kenshi Yonezu 「フローライト」”Fluorite” MV + new album

(Update Oct 11: The YouTube link has been fixed.) My only explanation for a title like “Fluorite” would be a marathon overdose of The Big Bang Theory.  Of course, I’m pretty sure Kenshi Yonezu wasn’t thinking that at all. With a chirpy, happy singalong tune similar to Flowerwall, I’m in no position to criticize the choice of title. According to his official YouTube chanel, Yonezu’s latest album Bremen is … Continue reading Kenshi Yonezu 「フローライト」”Fluorite” MV + new album

ゲスの極み乙女。- Girl at the Height of Rudeness

(From left: ChanMARI on keyboard; Hona Ikoka on drums; Kawatani Enon on lead vocals, guitar and synthesizer; and Kyuujitsu Kachou on bass)

It’s quite easy to tell when a band enjoys performing together. There’s an energy and synergy that doesn’t compete and overwhelm, and makes the listener completely at ease.

As strange as their name sounds, the band Gesu no Kiwami Otome (literally Girl at the Height of Rudeness) exudes that air of confidence and assurance outwards as well as among the band. Formed by the frontman of indigo la End, Kawatani Enon was said to form the band with musicians he genuinely enjoyed performing with.

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[Coming Soon] EXILE ATSUSHI + AI “Be Brave” Sep 9

When I first embarked on my career as a fresh graduate, EXILE ATSUSHI and AI were one of the few artists I listened to on a regular basis. So it was great when they first got together to sing a duet called “So Special” in 2008. I don’t listen to their music all the time, but when I do, it’s like a soothing balm that … Continue reading [Coming Soon] EXILE ATSUSHI + AI “Be Brave” Sep 9

amazarashi 「スピードと摩擦」Speed & Friction MV

I couldn’t quite grasp the concept of the music video, but that maniac girl used to be me back in junior high (they were stressful times). I might have had more fun if I had a toilet cubicle as cool as this one. Hiromu Akita explained the concept behind the video on the official Youtube channel: A physical installation music video that showcases a contemporary … Continue reading amazarashi 「スピードと摩擦」Speed & Friction MV

New release line-up: Moumoon, amazarashi, & the Pelican Fanclub (seriously?)

There’s a pretty awesome lineup of new releases in the music scene over the next month, and that I’m personally excited for. amazarashi Enjoy this video while you can. We know it ain’t gonna last for long. Amazarashi’s second hit in the anime scene this year, this time as an opening theme for Ranpo Kitan Game of Laplace (「乱歩奇譚 Game of Laplace」), which premiered on July 2. … Continue reading New release line-up: Moumoon, amazarashi, & the Pelican Fanclub (seriously?)

Young Juvenile Youth – Animation EP


Finding Japanese artists in the electronica genre is like finding a pearl in an oyster that got mixed up with other pearl-less oysters.

So when I come across such a rare find, the satisfaction cannot be expressed by words alone. It feels like I’ve got my hands on a real gem.

Young Juvenile Youth is a fresh face and a breath of fresh air, and has the sort of elusiveness that drives me nuts. Beyond the first two EPs it release on vinyl in 2014, nothing is known about this group. YJY is fronted by Yuki, who is clearly bilingual in Japanese and English, and writes all the songs as well as designed her first EP covers. Then there is Jemapur who composes and produces the tracks.

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Sakura Fujiwara – better than YUI.

Let’s conduct a blind test here. The following Soundcloud track is just a sample (1:40). but for now, switch your lights off (or close your curtains), lean back in your good chair, hit that link, and close your eyes.

That, my reader, is Sakura Fujiwara, a young girl from Fukuoka who’s just barely 19. This track comes from her debut album full bloom that was released in March 2014.

I hope you haven’t cheated and gone off to look for her pictures (because shame on you for spoiling the fun). But imagine the sort of person with the rich alto tone (she reminded me of Brooke Fraser in her early days).

Now this is who she is:

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“The Boy and the Beast” – new 2015 theatrical release by Mamoru Hosoda

So it’s quite true that director Mamoru Hosoda releases a new movie every three years, starting with The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (「時をかける少女」, 2006) to the epic Summer Wars ( 「サマーウォーズ」, 2009), and the unexpectedly moving Wolf Children (「おおかみこども雪と雨」 , 2012). Not much is known beyond the first teaser of The Boy and the Beast (「バケモノの子」, Bakemono no Ko) released in December 2014 (can’t … Continue reading “The Boy and the Beast” – new 2015 theatrical release by Mamoru Hosoda