Travel throwbacks (one pic per day): Daio Wasabi Farm

I didn’t know Istagram only allows up to 30 hashtags per post. The (unharvested) wasabi roots are on the left by the stream, which starts from the Azumino Alps. No, that’s not true. Azumino is the name of the town where Daio Wasabi Farm is based in. But the alps are real. And I kid you not, the water was sparkling fresh. We were barely … Continue reading Travel throwbacks (one pic per day): Daio Wasabi Farm

Spring travel pics on Instagram

I thought it might be more convenient to upload one picture daily from my last trip onto Instagram instead of vomiting them all out at the same time. If you haven’t eyeballed the right column, you’ll find the latest pictures I’ve uploaded over the past few days. This account’s fresh, and I’ve been too lazy/shy/unmotivated to share this with people I actually know. So pardon … Continue reading Spring travel pics on Instagram

Trails and tunnels: Driving in Japan

DSC03978 DSC03995 DSC04008 DSC04060

Clearly I took these shots while my travel buddy was driving – it would’ve been impossible to shoot anything with my hands on the wheel, wouldn’t it?

I promised an update, and here it is. I decided that it might be better to break it down by sharing some key lessons I learned while on the road.

So here you go guys – an unofficial guide to driving in Japan.

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Retrieving lost things

I could come up with a slew of excuses for the time I’ve been away from this website. 1. Returning from 9 glorious days driving through Nagano, Gifu and Nagoya left me literally in a state of prolonged procrastination. As if laziness wasn’t enough already. 2. The overwhelming amount of information and stories I want to share – Amazarashi’s new acoustic album due on May … Continue reading Retrieving lost things

Short getaway: Osaka

Sunset from the plane en route to Kansai International Airport.
Sunset from the plane en route to Kansai International Airport.

Right off the bat, Osaka is not an inspiring place.

I don’t mean that as an insult. I probably didn’t do enough background research on the area. But when you only have 3 full days in the city, it’s hard to not feel slightly bored from the routine mall-hopping experience.

It’s even harder to plan when you’re traveling with a parent who completely relies on you for guidance but is also easily overwhelmed from the onslaught of sensory overload. Getting far was a challenge.

So I’m just gonna lay it out here that this is not a post about new experiences. This was a “revenge visit” to make up for the lacklustre time I had here when I first visited two years ago. Yes, Osaka Castle was gorgeous and that famous aquarium was somewhat impressive. But I got bored quickly enough to travel out to Hiroshima and Nara for two days during that trip.

It’s time to head to Dotonbori/Namba with a vengeance. But I’ll group my visits as places instead of timelines. Continue reading “Short getaway: Osaka”